Math 50 - Fall 2017

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22 Sep 2017.  Here is the second homework due next Friday.  Next Tuesday there will be another group study  session in the X-hour. Bring your computer if you want to work on R assignment.
[Update: There is a template for the homework in the below link (which is the R-Notebook that generated the HW2 output you see above). Download that notebook (an Rmd file) and open it with RStudio.
The green font colored comments will show you both the parts you will enter your written answers and the parts for the computations. Download HW2 Notebook ]

21 Sep 2017.  You can use canvas to submit your homework. Submit only one pdf file for written assignments and one R file for computations per HW  (unless otherwise instructed in the assignment).

15 Sep 2017.  In our R / RStudio introduction session we will go over the following R basics tutorial.
[Update: The first homework is uploaded and due Sep-22 beginning of the class. I will give more information about how to submit it next week. Next Tuesday I will be doing a group study / R session during our X-hour. You can bring your computers and questions about the HW. It is at our classroom on Tuesday between 12:15 - 1:05pm. ]

14 Sep 2017.
The first HW is due Friday 22nd. The schedule link is available now. In order to see the updated office hours click here.

07 Sep 2017.  In this course we will be using is R for the computations. R is a free, open-source scientific computing platform for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you haven't done already download and install R from the R-Project homepage. In addition, I recommend installing R-Studio which is an integrated development environment and makes easier to use R.  It includes a nice editor with debugging & visualization tools. You can install it from RStudio. Here are some resources to get used to R :

06 Sep 2017. Welcome to Math 50. This will be our course webpage for announcements and other useful information.