September 15

The first homework assignment has been posted on the homework page. Please note that each homework assignment will be divided into two parts, Part A and Part B, as indicated. In order to ensure consistency in grading, one grader will grade all problems in Part A, and the other, Part B.

Please separate your homework into an A portion and a B portion, staple each portion separately, and turn them in to the appropriate box outside Kemeny 008 by 3:30 pm on Friday.

The first homework assignment, consisting of the homework problems (not the practice problems) from the first week, is due Friday, September 22 by 3:30 pm.

September 11

Welcome to Math 22: Linear Algebra with Applications!

  • For information about due dates, exam dates, and how the honor principle applies in this course, please refer to the General Information tab.
  • For a daily schedule of topics covered, please see the Daily Schedule tab.
  • For downloads and other resources, please see the Downloads/Links tab. Here you can find instructions on how to download SageMath and MATLAB, as well as the FERPA waiver.