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$\mathrm\TeX$ distributions and frontends

For all the options, see the Wiki comparison page.

GNU/Linux OS X Windows
Distribution TeX Live MacTeX
(includes TeXShop frontend)
TeX Live
Graphical frontend Kile, Lyx, Texmaker, TeXstudio, Texworks Texmaker, Texworks, TeXstudio,TeXShop Texmaker, TeXstudio, Texworks

Embedding graphics in $\mathrm\LaTeX$ documents

Download: sit.hqx (OS X) or tgz (Linux)

$\mathrm\LaTeX$ mathematical symbols

(Extracted from “The Not So Short …” guide below)
Download PDF.

The Comprehensive $\mathrm\LaTeX$ symbol list

(From the CTAN site)
Download PDF.

The Not So Short Introduction to $\mathrm\LaTeX$2ε

(by Tobias Oetiker, Hubert Partl, Irene Hyna, and Elizabeth Schlegl)
Download PDF.

Some Prototype documents

  • The AMS official testmath.tex document:    tex   pdf
  • A simple LaTeX document:    tex   pdf
  • Sample AMSLaTeX Prototype document:   tex   pdf
  • papermacs.sty:   tex